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Today I woke up rather early for me on a weekend. Heath was still in bed so it was completely quiet in our apartment (well silent aside from the jingle of Tay’s color as she followed me everywhere I went). I passed by my book shelf several times debating whether I would start the new Dexter books I received early for my birthday (thanks future in-laws!) or if I should continue writing where I left off last night.

In the end I decided I wanted to keep writing because I was really on a roll yesterday and I could still feel my characters emotions coursing through my mind. But I was still yearning for something to read quickly before I started, something to awaken my mind a bit, so I picked up “100 Ways to simplify your life” by Joyce Meyer. I figured its Sunday, why not read a devotional?

I received this book as a Christmas present and hadn’t opened it yet, but today when I opened the first page I was immediately reminded why I love her devotionals and the way God works through her words to speak to me.

The first Joyce Meyer book I read was, “Battlefield of the Mind: 100 insights that will change the way you think”. It stood out to me one day at Walmart when I was trying to emerge from the darkness I’d been living in at the time. It’s designed to read daily, and in 100 days adjust your mindset. I read the first devotional in the store and it completely targeted my current struggle, it felt like I had to buy it now and so I did. I didn’t read it every day though, like intended. I only reached for it when my life felt weak; when I needed a mental strength pick me up. And almost every time I opened it the devotional for that day was absolutely a message for me or someone close to me struggling. And those messages were so straight forward and real.

Joyce Meyer is a strong headed woman who came from a very rough past. Her ability to put her lessons in such a simple real life example makes her feel like a regular person to me, not some famous author/preacher.

So back to today’s devotional, it was entitled “Do one thing at a time” and went on to explain the importance of focus.

“By putting our hands to one thing and our mind to another, we divide the muscle behind our abilities and we make the task much more difficult….. The ability to concentrate and stay focused can only come from discipline.”

I think I’ve stressed enough this week how difficult focus has been for me lately and the consequences I faced as a result of this. I wasn’t truly focused on anything last week, just allowing my mind to drift around. And my work suffered because of it. How do two little pages rework my brain so easily and give me strength to get myself in order? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for it. I wrote quite a bit last night and revised a chapter and that was making me feel pretty good, but now I feel stronger and more determined to stay focused this week. (Thanks Joyce Meyer!)

Back to my book now, the scene involves angry magic, vicious storms, and unbearable pain. It’s coming together nicely 😉

Peace – Sarah


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