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1. Today is my crit partner & best friend, edgyauthor’s, birthday! She’s off on a book buying splurge that I can’t wait to hear all about, but while she’s gone you should all go to her page and wish her a Happy Birthday! Show her some love 😉

2. I have failed miserably at keeping up with LJ and I know it. I mean for those who look for my monthly music post I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s still not up for April. Like catching up on the f-list, I will make that post this weekend!

3. My characters are back! Not completely back as in writing tons, but they’re all around me all the time again and plotting their next moves. Minor issue: they want to change A LOT. I’ll accept that as long as I’m writing. I’m just waiting for them to say, “Go!”

4. I’ve been reading the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing in honor of Heather’s (edgyauthor) birthday month (since it’s her favorite series). I haven’t gotten very far into it yet because I’m trying to let my characters throw some words at me, but so far it seems pretty great (not that I expected anything less) and I’m excited to blow through the first 6 books I already have.

5. Its rumbling outside (YAY spring thunderstorms!) and Tay’s thinking: OMG, Mommy, WHAT WAS THAT?! See:

Peace – Sarah