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Pies, that is… More about that in a minute, but first…

I spent the day in Baltimore with my sister, mom and grandmother who is visiting from Florida for the week. We ate lunch at my uncles Cuban restaurant in the Inner Harbor Little Havana which is right on the water and free because we’re family. No worries, we left a hefty tip. Lunch was great, we had these lobster stuffed sandwiches on Texas toast style bread that was grilled in a garlic butter and then I had a burger (not your average burger) with sweet potato fries. It was beautiful out today and we got a surprise visit from one of my other uncles for a little bit. Plus they played two Arctic Monkeys songs through the outdoor speakers and I was stoked. No one ever knows who I’m talking about when I bring them up, but my uncle must if two songs could be played in the short time I was there. He just moved up on the coolness factor 😉

I finally got to see my sisters house which, aside from being in the city (which I’m not a fan of), is really awesome. I could so see myself living in a place like this if it didn’t have to be located in a crowded downtown district. Here’s some pictures of its awesomeness.

Mom in the living room

Nanny & Rae in between spaces

The Kitchen

Their Bedroom

The Bathrooms

Then we had desert at this place called, Dangerously Delicious Pies which is appropriately named so. The pies are like 28.00 bucks, but completely worth it and unlike any pies you’ve ever had before. Even Bobby Flay came to Baltimore just to have the pie we had today, which is called “The Baltimore Bomb” and consists of Baltimore’s well known Berger cookies. Oh my, delicious!! I should have taken a picture of the actual pie we ate, but we were ravenous for it and I didn’t think about it until after the fact. The pic shown is from their site. They make sweet pies and savory pies and you can even order them from anywhere in the US.

Lastly, we walked through the Cross Street Market, which sells anything and everything from fresh seafood and meats to flowers. Everything is fresh from that day and lined on both sides with a variety of vendors. Mom bought me flowers 😉

Overall it was a great day and really fun spending time with my sister since we aren’t exactly as close as I’d like to be. I’m sleepy now though and it’s only 9pm. Being outside all day in the sun can be tiring, and eating all of that food too.

Peace – Sarah


P.S. Thanks everyone for all the positive remarks to my snippet last night. It’s amazing what a boost of confidence it was and how much it just wants to make me hurry up and finish the rest of it. Many many thanks!