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Let me start by saying… Thank God it’s Friday!

This week was pretty draining and rewarding all at the same time. Some unfortunate things happened like a long time friend said farewell for really no good reason at all except maybe her erratic state of mind at the moment. It’s something I have to just let go of, but it was disturbing regardless.

My revised story sounds beautiful in my mind and I’m excited to get started on the edits. Of course there’s yet another new story or “plot bunny” (c/o Maggie) playing out occasionally, but it’s not overpowering me yet. I’m going to try to keep the reigns on it a little tighter this time around so I don’t lose weeks of writing over it.

I came across a few new artists (only to me, they’ve actually been around for a little bit now) and they’ve filled my insides with this completely alive feeling. One of the bands is playing in my home town in a little over a month from now the day before my birthday. I REALLY hope to go – I’m in the mood to jump around in a pit!

Randomly wrote these random thoughts earlier this week at work, in the midst of drafting a final location on a new house.

“I live in a place my brain created, always present in my mind with its own soundtrack. I live most of my life inside of my head even when I appear to be right there in front of you. It’s just the nature of my brain, you see, and the reality I no longer have to face because of this place.”


Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough words…

Not enough juice in my brain to let the words flow through to my fingers.
Not enough time to write everything I feel.
Not enough.


Peace – Sarah