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So I have and haven’t been looking forward to this week…

I’m NOT looking forward to the number 28. I don’t know why it’s bothering me, but I just feel so old and yet not at the same time. Like something’s expected of me at 28, something I haven’t fulfilled. I know there’s not and it’s irrational, but it’s bothering me nonetheless.

I AM looking forward to this weeks schedule. Tomorrow my family, Heath and I are having my birthday dinner at PF Changs (Candied Shrimp & Walnuts – YUM!), Wednesday my mother and I are going to the Arctic Monkeys concert downtown (I’m super stoked!), and then Thursday (my actual birthday) I took off so I could recover from the concert and Heath and I are going to the movies (likely to see either Alice in Wonderland or Clash of the Titans).

I hope it all pans out well and 28 doesn’t hassle me. It’s already started out so much better than I anticipated with all of the GREAT books I got this weekend – one of which (Beautiful Creatures) I can NOT put down! Imagine my excitement today when I found out its book 1 of 4, I can’t wait for the rest!

Peace – Sarah