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Ah… I feel good.

Let me take a moment to say, “Thanks Mom – me loves the new desk!”

And take another moment to sit at the desk silently in awe of its massive space and giggle at the way it excites and inspires me to write.


Seriously, who would have thought a desk could have such an effect?

It has been far too long since I’ve had a decent workspace at home. For almost five years Heath and I shared one desk sitting up against each other like sardines in our executive size chairs. It was not ideal by any means. Then for my first year in our new apartment I actually had my own desk, but it was about 1/4 of the size of Heath’s and so tiny that I had to remove a drawer for my legs to fit underneath and lean the keyboard against the wall so I had enough room to do my bills. My executive size chair was too large to even tuck under it.

But NOW, a black beauty sits beneath the keyboard as I smack it and I can’t describe how it makes me feel, but I’ll try. Something about the space, the organization that’s now possible, all of the matching components, the small accents of pink (though it might have been better in green?) added to the black ensemble – the fact that I can rest my arms completely on it, and store a proper file cabinet beneath it, the beautiful new boxes that contain my most important words and I can even tuck my chair under it with ease.

It’s perfect, exactly what I needed. AND praise the Lord – it’s got me writing again. In fact, my own story interrupted one I was reading. Finally it is back in the forefront of my thoughts – where it belongs. Writing feels right again and easy. I just know this awesome new desk has something to do with it!

Peace – Sarah

Pictures of new & old desk can be seen HERE