November: On Repeat (Special Edition)

Since November was NanoWrimo month I didn’t really allow my ears to hear much outside of the playlist for my NanoNovel, Crack the Sky. Because of this I’ve decided to simply post said playlist (or at least the 10 songs with the highest play counts at the end of my NanoWrimo mania).
Also, if you’re interested in seeing some snippets from Crack the Sky click HERE!

Emarosa – “Breather”

He Is Legend – “Mean Shadows”

Artifex Pereo – “The Lantern & the Firefly”

Three Days Grace – “Overrated”

Thrice – “Moving Mountains”

Red – “Watch You Crawl”

Tides of Man – “Chemical Fires”

Prom Kings – “Angels”

Sharon Van Etten – “Love More”

Florence + the Machine – “Seven Devils”

Since I will most likely listen to nothing but Christmas music in December and plan to do the 25 Days of Christmas Music posts like I did last year, this will be the last On Repeat post of the year. At the end of December though, keep an eye out for my 2011 in Review posts, of which there will be more than one music themed one this year!
Peace – Sarah

5 replies on “November: On Repeat (Special Edition)”

I love the fact that Tilian’s book has some of the same songs as Bob’s! (Inevitable, I guess, given their individual plots. *hee*) Tilian, like Bob, has good taste. šŸ˜‰ *dusts off years-old BB icon for this comment*

I really enjoyed listening to Emarosa’s “Breather” when first reading your CtS snippets! Since I already own a lot of these songs (some thanks to you!), I’m gonna have to start putting them together in a Media Player playlist so I have more to listen to when reading future snippets. šŸ˜€

So glad Bob doesn’t mind Tilian’s thievery of music. I know it’s bound to happen since we like so much of the same stuff and share almost all of it, but still I feel a little bad sometimes. I do think it’s neat seeing how the same songs could be used between two different stories though. Can’t wait to see some of these used when you start rewriting Beelzebob!

You will have this entire playlist + come Christmas. You’ll be knee deep in new tunes, in fact. YAY for music corruption! šŸ˜€

Don’t feel bad! I mean, I’m pretty certain Bob “stole” a song from Teagan (except not really, since it was on his playlist before we met, hah). And I think Fritz even stole a Teagan song, too (if my memory is not messing with me), so…my characters aren’t that innocent in all this, either. XD

Knee-deep in music…oh, gosh. Haha. Can’t wait! šŸ˜›

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