Deleted Halloween Scene – The Cleaphytes (Book 1)

In honor of Halloween (and because I may not finish the short story I was working on to post tomorrow), I’ve decided to post a part of the deleted Halloween chapter from my current WIP. This chapter was deleted because essentially it wasn’t actually necessary and was heavily descriptive, not to mention exhaustively long. There were words before this scene and an entire walk through a Haunted House after it, making the original total word count for this chapter 7,384, which I later reduced to 4,055 words, and then finally decided to replace the chapter completely with the “Slumber Party” chapter which was already shared here (though it has changed just slightly since posting). Halloween still happens following the new chapter in the form of a Masquerade Ball where Teagan performs at McFeary’s Pub (where she works), though that is different from the original as well. Anyway… without further ado, the Hayride (Bryce’s POV).

P.S. I’m aware there are terrible grammatical errors, please overlook them.

P.S.S. And this was the song I was listening to when I originally wrote this entire chapter (for the tone). Hit Play now, while you read 😉


Teagan was looking over her shoulder anxiously as it started to pull away into a thin opening in the corn field. I poked her thigh to grab her attention and she jumped. I whispered, “Are you scared already? Nothing’s even happened yet.”

“No, I’m trying to anticipate the fear so it won’t be so alarming.” She returned to her stare and I chuckled under my breath. To her eyes it was pitch black where we were, there was no way she’d see anything coming no matter how tentatively she watched for it.

Suddenly the truck stopped in the middle of the corn field, in the middle of darkness. Teagan’s body sat up stiff, on alert, waiting for whatever was coming. There was movement in the corn stalks behind us, the sound growing closer. Other people in the truck started to frantically search the darkness for the source of the sound just like Teagan, some were already whimpering in fear.

Slipping through the stalks of corn were three male figures dressed in muddy dark clothes. Stage make-up of scares and gashes covered their faces. Their gruesome appearance was fairly believable to an untrained eye, but I was still the only one who could see them.

They were about five feet from the truck when everyone else finally saw them and the entire truck erupted in fear. Teagan wasn’t looking in their direction when the rest of the crowd became aware of their presence and their panic alone made her jump. She dug her nails into my knee as her head spun towards them and she was shaking with fear.

She leaned her entire body into me, even though we were already sitting up against each other. She’d given up her attempt to keep them in her site and ducked her head towards me as if not seeing them somehow made them go away.

The three men circled the truck poking and prodding at those who would be the most affected by their torment. The majority of them were women, I suppose because they are easier to scare than men. They saved Teagan for last and when it was finally her turn to be taunted she squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed a hold of my arm with more vigor then she’d ever touched me before.

I smiled to myself because this was already turning out exactly how I’d hoped it would – Teagan looking to me for security. As the truck started to pull away the three men slipped back into the corn stalks. Teagan released my arm and returned to her frantic search into the darkness. Her knee shook against mine nervously, I wanted to rest my hand on it to calm her down, but I knew it probably wouldn’t be okay to touch her that way.

After a short distance through the darkness of the cornfield the truck came to a stop at a bridge. The bridge didn’t even look stable enough for us to cross, but obviously this was for show. A tiny river ran beneath it, the moon reflected off of the water providing a low blue glow of light.

The driver of the truck acted as if something was wrong with the vehicle and hopped out to “investigate.” Several of the other people on the truck actually fell for the show and started mumbling their panic over the possibility of being stuck out here in the middle of no where. Teagan still didn’t speak and kept her stare focused on everything behind us, but she should have been focusing on the front.

Out from under the bridge four troll like creatures emerged, midgets in costumes obviously. They quickly circled the truck to bring down the driver and carried the four points of him above their heads back to the front of the truck. The driver whaled in terror and people on board were literally in hysterics. It took everything I had not to laugh. I couldn’t believe people were buying this, but then again so was Teagan. She wasn’t screaming like most, but she was still stiff, waiting for the worst to come.

At the far end of the bridge a giant wolf appeared, not a real one of course, but a rather tall man dressed as a wolf – one that could apparently walk on its hind legs. The little troll like people carried the driver across the bridge and passed him off to the wolf as a meal. When everyone saw the driver be “torn apart” absolute mayhem ensued. People shifted from their seats on the hay and onto the floor of the truck bed. They grabbed at each other for protection and one man jumped out of the truck as a “hero” and slid into the driver’s seat to get us out of there.

The whole show was actually really well done. I didn’t suspect an insider riding on board so even I was surprised when he started his heroic act. He shoved his foot on the gas to fly over the bridge and free us of the terror we had just faced. Teagan seemed less scared through the last ordeal, maybe it was because it wasn’t exactly realistic in her eyes. She has already made it clear she didn’t believe in werewolves.

Her knee finally settled down once we were steadily passing through the corn field, the majority of the people with us started to return to their seats more relaxed as well. We were riding for a while without incident and I was starting to wonder if that’s all it was. If so people didn’t get their money’s worth.

Teagan continued her search into the blackness and never said a word to me. It was as if I wasn’t really there until she was completely overcome with fear. She was trying to look out for herself instead of relying on me until it was absolutely necessary. I guess I couldn’t fault her too much for being used to that, being used to only have herself to rely on. I hoped one day though that she’d see she could completely rely on me.

The truck slowed as we approached a massive red barn. The entrance was open, an arched area just large enough for the truck to pass through. Slowly we rolled into the pitch black barn and once fully inside the truck shut off. In the same moment, the door to the barn slammed shut allowing zero percentage of night light to illuminate our surroundings. The panic amongst the riders was alive again, but more quiet for fear of drawing attention to themselves and whatever else might be in this barn with us.

Teagan’s knee started knocking against mine again, she sat stiff with her hands pressed into her thighs. Her eyes were open wider than I’d ever seen them like she was hoping opening them further might somehow allow her to see. The sound of something metal clanging together made everyone jump, it was menacing in the absolute silence. Then suddenly without warning something rocked into the back of us, moving the truck bed up off its wheels on our side. Teagan grabbed for my hand frantically and squeezed me harder than I would have imagined her little hands could. She held onto my bicep with her other hand and tucked herself into me. Heat lamps came on behind us simultaneously with the sound of a chain saw as the truck fell back flat on the ground. Everyone turned towards the scene behind us in horror.

A classic magician’s trick played out before our eyes, a woman dressed in a skimpy torn nightgown laid on a metal lab table. Hovering above her, a sadistic looking doctor stood with a chainsaw ready to cut through her. The two of them were already covered in fake blood to make the scene scary before it even started, but when the saw came down on her a shower of fake blood rained down on the truck. This was by far the most elaborate skit of the ride.

Teagan’s face was splattered with fake blood; her eyes were permanently open in shock. Her body shook she was so scared, but she didn’t scream which surprised me. Everyone else around us was going completely insane, rocking the truck as they struggled to get the furthest away from the “killer.” Little did they know that as one side of the barns lights would go out the other sides would come on and reveal another brutal show of terror. Teagan barely even paid attention to it; she was still too shaken with fear.

I pried my hand from hers and put my arm around her waist tightly. I spoke into her ear so she could hear me over the madness, “Remember it’s not real.” I brushed my finger in a blotch of fake blood on her cheek and forced her mouth open to taste it. “See it’s just corn syrup and red dye.” Of course blood would be the first thing to come to mind to prove the validity of it for me.

I did it completely innocently, but once my finger was in her mouth there didn’t seem to be anything innocent about it at all. Her eyes grew curious as she forcedly sucked on my finger and I started to panic. I shouldn’t have done it and for more than one reason. The first being how completely inappropriate it was and the second being how it made my mind wonder. I wanted to feel those lips against mine with a fierce need. The scene around us was coming to a close, but I swear it felt like we were in our own world. Like the chaos around us was blurred and distorted because all we saw was each other. I quickly pulled my finger from her mouth and tried to act cool as if it was all just to stifle her fear. She straightened nervously out of my grip as the truck jerked in motion again.


Peace – Sarah



Slumber Party (A Snippet of “The Cleaphytes – Book 1”)

So, I might delete this come tomorrow, but this is what I’ve written tonight and I’ve been wanting to share a snippet for so long. Never feeling quite sure about what will grab you, never sure of what will be quality enough for you…. but my inhibitions are low right now and so I’m doing it. There’s a startling amount before and after it, but here’s the snippet (which may disappear come tomorrow so hopefully you’re up right now reading it….)

Chapter Title (tentatively) “Slumber Party” (Notice: It starts from Teagan’s POV)

P.S. Please excuse the errors, this hasn’t been reviewed and edited AT ALL!


When I got home my dad was playing with Déjà outback, which let me know Teagan was here, even though her truck wasn’t. And when I reached the second floor I could hear music spilling out of Brynn’s room so I knocked. They must not have heard me so I let myself in.

I found them dressed in frilly skirts with mismatching tops and large party hats. They danced together in front of Brynn’s mirror, twirling the beads that hung around their necks in their fingers, singing along to the music like little girls. My God, it was adorable. I leaned against the door frame and just watched, incapable of hiding the smile I felt across my face.

When they finally noticed me standing there Teagan’s cheeks were bright pink, and Brynn tugged me into the dance. The three of us danced in this circle like it was completely normal, like there was a party going on around us or something. Teagan smiled at me like we hadn’t just spent most of the week apart, like nothing awkward had ever happened between us last weekend and somehow I wanted to believe it hadn’t.

The song changed and Brynn’s eyes popped open with an idea. “Hey, go get your camera! Take pictures of us.”

Teagan looked embarrassed over the idea, but Brynn pushed me towards the door. I returned to find them posing in front of the mirror, switching hats and adding more gaudy jewelry to their ensembles. I took pictures of them for at least an hour. After so many frames they’d disappear into the closet and return in a new funky outfit ready for more. Watching them giggle like school girls had me smiling the entire time and the pictures I was capturing of them were impeccable. Ones I knew they’d both really enjoy when they were finished playing ‘dress up’.

Eventually Teagan started to get tired, yawning trying to keep up with Brynn’s zealous energy. Apparently they’d been dancing and playing in Brynn’s closet for hours before I got there. She flopped down on the couch and said to Brynn, “I think I’m done. Can we get in our pajamas now and watch a movie or something?”

Brynn flopped down beside her, still hyper and sighed, “Yeah, I guess.”

Surprised by the mention of pajamas I asked, “You’re spending the night?”

Brynn leaned forward to look past Teagan and smirked at me, “Yup, we’re having a slumber party! You wanna watch a movie with us?”

I looked at Teagan to see if she minded, she said, “Yeah, you should join us!”

Oh, exciting. My heart started jumping in my chest at the fact that Teagan would be sleeping here, at my house in her pajamas and I’d be watching a movie with them. I escaped to my room to change while they did. When I returned they were setting up a giant pile of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the TV.

Teagan sprawled out in the center of the blanket on her belly while Brynn picked out a movie and got it started. I lay down on my stomach beside her. She looked so soft in pajamas. I wanted to scoop her up and cuddle her so bad it was ridiculous. She was blushing, for what reason I wasn’t sure, and she said, “Can you believe I’ve never been to a slumber party before?”

Brynn spoke before I could reply, “But you’re enjoying it so far, right?”

She giggled, “Of course!”

Brynn was about to hit play and lay down on the other side of Teagan when she startled us both and said, “Oh! I’m going to see if we have any popcorn. Be right back.”

Once she was gone Teagan let out of an exhausted sigh, “Man, she’s hard to keep up with. Where does all of that energy come from?”

I laughed, knowing all too well how Brynn can be and exactly where all of our energy comes from. I’m just better at taming it than her. “She’s never been to a slumber party either so I imagine she’s pretty excited your staying the night.” I didn’t mention that I was too.

She smiled like she enjoyed knowing she wasn’t the only girl her age who had managed to miss out on such things. To kill the time until Brynn returned I pulled the camera off of the coffee table and wiggled a little closer to her, the warmth from her shoulder bleeding into me, the smell of her hair enticing my nose. Teagan’s smile matched her smile in the pictures as we glanced through them. She was visibly happy and it seemed like she liked seeing herself that way. She pointed out her favorites and I mentally took note of mine.

By the time we’d reached the last photo Brynn burst through the door with popcorn, sodas, and Déjà in tow. He licked Teagan in the face and sniffed at mine as he passed us, and then sauntered over to the vacant couch and made himself comfortable. Brynn passed out her goodies, turned off the lights and started the film.

Three quarters of the way through the movie Teagan’s head fell from her hands and onto the pillow facing me. She was knocked out, her breathing slow and deep. I laid my head in my arms and just stared at her smiling. Her face was so peaceful, so close to mine. This was so much better than all of the times she’d fallen asleep on my shoulder, but far harder not to wrap myself around her. She seemed so cozy and inviting. Brynn popped up on her elbow on the other side of her and whispered, “She asleep?”

I nodded with my finger over my lips so she didn’t wake her. She grinned at me and went back to the movie. She knew I’d be happy with this; it’s probably why she invited me to watch the movie. I could lay here and watch her sleep forever. And I did, long after the movie had ended and Brynn had passed out too. When my own eyelids started to feel heavy I knew I’d better head to bed. I can’t imagine how she’d react if she woke up laying next to me, or if I’d be able to keep my hands to myself in my sleep knowing she was beside me, especially after how things went down last weekend. It was better that I leave now.

I tucked the blankets around my sister and then Teagan and just as I was leaving her eyes shot open, her hand stretching out where I had just been in a panicked search. She looked up at me in the doorway and frowned. She whispered, “Where are you going?”

In an effort to not wake Brynn I squatted down beside her to whisper, “I just thought that… I mean after last weekend, I figured I should go sleep in my own bed.”

She tugged on my arm, shaking her head no like she wanted me to lie back down. “Stay.”

Confused, but obviously willing, I laid back down beside her with a decent gap between us just in case I was reading her wrong. My heart rate skyrocketed though, a wave of excitement and worry tore through me. I wondered what was going on.

We lay there facing each other for a few minutes and Teagan’s eyes were heavy with sleep. Unexpectedly, she wove her fingers through mine rubbing her thumb against the back of my hand. She whispered, “I missed you so much this week Bryce. I’m sorry about last weekend and for being so…” but she never finished the sentence. Her eyelids started to fall, incapable of fighting sleep any longer.

I whispered, “I missed you too, a lot,” not really sure if she even heard me.

I had been so tired just a few minutes ago, but I couldn’t tame my pulse now. I couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly so okay with me laying beside her, or holding my hand like this for that matter. I didn’t want to question it because it felt so perfect, but if last weekend taught me anything it was to be weary with her. I was so elated at the moment though that she wanted me here, that she put her hand in mine, that I couldn’t rationalize the possible consequences.

I stared at her for quite some time after that, until I too couldn’t fight the urge to let my eyelids close and just before I did she pulled our hands into her chest forcing me to close the gap between us. She buried her face into my chest and cooed happily in her sleep as she draped her arm around me. I wrapped mine around her too and just hoped when morning came it wouldn’t be a repeat of last weekend.