Busy is my middle name…

I lose track of time so much more these days.


I think it’s been about 5-6 weeks now of getting up at 4am and working 11-12 hour days, 5 days a week at work. We got this giant 65 mile gas pipeline survey to complete in a 6 month deadline and it involves all of this research of the land back to the 1930’s to see when the easements for said pipeline were created and figure out how to draft them (in AutoCad) in the real world today. If there wasn’t such an intense deadline, the researching part might actually be fun – learning all about Baltimore County’s history, but reading ancient deeds and plats, that were hand written and then scanned for county documentation is hell on my eyes. I’ve been wearing my glasses every day and using a magnifying glass and I still end up having to guess sometimes whether I’m plotting a northing and easting with a 6 or an 8 in it. It makes the work take so much longer than it should.


That aside, yesterday was rather nice. One of my co-workers supplied Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast, then the company supplied an Italian pasta & salad spread for lunch, and then topped off the day with Rita’s Italian ice as an afternoon snack. It probably says a lot about me (and not good things) that just being treated with food can make my day lovely, but whatever. Yesterday was flat out delicious.


It was also nice, because while I frequently feel like Thursday’s are Friday’s lately (since I technically reach my 40 hours long before Friday actually arrives), yesterday actually was my Friday because our company is closed today for Good Friday! I’m terribly excited about having a three day weekend. I actually got to sleep for 9 hours last night, opposed to the 5 I’m typically getting these days. Boy do I feel alive today!


My weekend plans include: manning the couch with a book in hand (I haven’t read a book since January!), possibly (hopefully) writing the last 1-3K words of my nightmare novel Dreamsters (I’m SO close!!), catching up on the internet (My inbox is flooded and I haven’t even logged into Tumblr in 2 weeks! O_O), and then serving breakfast/brunch to the 400+ people our church is expecting on Easter Sunday. Sunday will be pretty draining, but at least I get two days before it to relax and rejuvenate my creative mind (because work is seriously eating it alive).


This busy life of mine only looks busier in the months to come. With longer, generally warmer days, people have already started asking me to do their spring photo shoots and somehow I’ve got to get back into a decent workout routine too. I had resolved to not stretch myself so thin this year, but we’re only 4 months into 2014 and it’s already happening. I just hope there’s some sort of backup energy reserve in my body that I figure out how to tap in to, because I’ll need it!




Curse you, “Space”

All of the time I spent staring off into space this week finally had a serious repercussion, worse then just the procrastination of my story. I completely dropped the ball at work this week forgetting to schedule two final locations and they are in PA so it’s not an easy quick project to do. Those houses were scheduled to settle today and yesterday the client contacted me looking for them and I never even had them on the schedule. I have NEVER messed up a settlement; in fact I typically try to have the locations and descriptions to them a few days in advance. Disrupting a builder’s settlement schedule could potentially cost us big time!

So in an effort to still somehow provide them with the plats and legal descriptions in time for today’s noon settlement I had to pull a field guy off a job and send him up to PA, while I prepped the plans and descriptions so that as soon he returned I could just plot the points, draft the house, have them reviewed-signed-sealed, and race them out the door.

Luckily, somehow, I got all of this accomplished before 11am – just in time for the first settlement. Thank God it all worked out ok, but still I can’t believe the failure on my part. I am so anal retentive that I keep a schedule pinned right in front of my face at my desk and I update it daily to make sure I’m on top of all that needs to be done. How I overlooked two entire houses in the same community is beyond me. (Subconsciously hears Heath saying in his best Tropic Thunder impression, “It’s beyond ME,” and I laugh to make light of the situation)

As far as space and my book are concerned, as a result of my stunt in the backseat of the car yesterday I felt too uneasy all night to write again so space took over. I really hope to write something of substance this weekend though because I’m actually getting sick of space right now. It can be fun to let your mind wander, but seriously I’ve had enough at this point. It’s time to get back on track in more areas then just my book and job and in order for that to happen space needs to stop toying with me.

Peace – Sarah