Making me Smile

I’m feeling a bit high right now (no, not the illegal kind) and for the following three reasons:

1. Writing or mostly editing tonight, but hacking that bitch up like my life depends on it and somehow it doesn’t hurt. (Thanks edgyauthor for your little tip. While I’m not erasing entire pages down to one word, I am removing massive paragraphs & dialogue at a time!)

2. This song & these lyrics. It’s got the most beautiful piano (and I sooo love piano based music) and if Bryce was the singer in my story he *might* sing a song like this over the course of his time with Teagan. This is what I’m writing to on repeat right now. 🙂

Ashes Divide – “Sword”

Note: I’m pretty sure this is just a fan made video and it’s weird, I know. Just listen to it and read the lyrics below instead of watching it.


Spreading your love from the tip of a sword
Echoing the reason that poisons your
Thinking you know what’s good for us all
I wish I could reach out…

To silence you

But I’m a waste in your eyes.
You say you don’t need me to save you tonight.
But I need to save you tonight.

I’m standing alone on the brink of a stone
Trying to humanize the enemy inside you
We’re cut from the same cloth but we are
Stained with the poison of pride

We’re sucking the life from the whole of the world
Can’t be confined or condemned to be
Reduced to a place that’s a violent resolve
To the end they will try

And silence you.

Cos we’re a waste in their eyes
The grace they describe
Won’t save you tonight.

Spreading your love from the tip of a sword
Echoing your reason that poisons your
Of all your fear, love, anymore
Let pride come before a fall

I wish you could see and believe in something more
Than the things I’m confined and condemned to be
They will know our needs and we won’t be ignored
So that we may excuse our lives

Don’t let them silence you
Cos you’re a waste in their eyes
There’s a grace inside of you…
I need tonight…

3. The last two books I’ve read have been oh-so-perfect (“Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” and “Hex Hall”) and quite frankly great books make me want to write something fierce. PLUS I got “Linger” today*** and read the first couple of chapters at red lights on the way home from work. m-stiefvater has already thrust me right back into that warm and fuzzy place she left me at the end of “Shiver” so it seems like my awesome book reading stint will only continue to keep me motivated writing wise. (BTW – Green text in “Linger” equals total awesomeness. Green is my favorite color!)

Peace – Sarah


***I actually visited a bookstore today (which I never do) to buy “Linger” because it turns out that Amazon had no intentions of sending it out this week despite the changed release date and I refused to wait. (Although I was angry to find out when I got home that they did actually release it today after telling me they weren’t and I paid 10 bucks more than I would have online – GRRR!) As if the four books I purchased this weekend online weren’t enough for the month, I walked out with more than just “Linger.”

Me, surrounded by all of those glorious covers, all of them asking me to touch them, was a bad idea. What made it even worse is that I went alone and so there was no one to reign me in when my eyes popped out of my head in wonder.

Luckily because the books are almost double the price in store as they are online I only bought one other book aside from “Linger” and that was “Hex Hall.” I know I said it could wait, especially since I already finished the library copy, but it was so good I just had to own it.

I’m a bad, bad girl. I know. 😛



Books make me giddy AND drive me insane

Initially this post was going to strictly be about my writing woes, but I realized during lunch today that reading “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” is making me far too happy to be in a negative state of mind in regards to my own book. (Which is actually a REALLY good thing!)

So, first let me reiterate how amazing “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” is. It has been a long time since a book made me feel so revved up (well I guess not that long, Terry Goodkind’s “Law of Nines” had a similar effect, but this one is even more exciting). It has such a great pace and such a perfect mixture of doom and humor all with this southern twang to it! I’m already disappointed to know that its sequel “Invincible” won’t be released until February 2011. (Ugh! That seems too far away). This is the only young adult novel Sherrilyn Kenyon has written so far (although this series is slated to have 10 books), but she has a multitude of adult novels with the same characters only as adults and since I’m enjoying her writing style so much I really think I might dive into them as well while I wait.

Now, onto my writing woes although I shouldn’t make it sound so bad because in truth I’m feeling much more positive about it this week than last. In fact I was happily acting out scenes this morning and afternoon opposed to listening music on the way to and from work. It felt good to be back in character.

I did end up deciding to can two characters. They were important characters, being the older-wiser ones of Bryce & Brynn’s family, the ones with the most back knowledge on the mystery surrounding Teagan. But essentially I decided the mystery would be more believable without their knowledge. I kind of like the idea of keeping my characters in the dark even about themselves until they absolutely need to know. It will also probably cut some thickness from the story if there aren’t two more people’s lives to tell you about.

A while ago I debated killing the dog in my story for two reasons: 1 – once things start going down, worrying about the dog will be difficult and 2 – I want something extreme to happen so the levity of one of the characters role sinks in. I’ve finally decided that the dog will live (I think, unless I kill him over natural causes because he’s old), but someone else even more important will –almost- or maybe –actually- die now. I can’t tell you for sure, although I know the answer 😉

Event though I dread doing so, I believe it’s time to re-write again. So bye, bye newly shaped chapters 1 and 2. Well maybe not all of chapter 1, most of it can be salvaged. Chapter 2 on the other hand is null and void now. And with all the chopping going on in my mind for the rest of it I really feel like the pace is where I finally want it. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even be able to fit it all into one book!

Man, I feel like I’m running with a hatchet again. Only I’m not a depressed clown this time around! (Does anyone who reads this even get that reference? Probably not, but that’s okay… here’s a hint if you’re interested though Me – 2004.)

Okay so now I have some questions. I kind of enjoy doing things nontraditional as long as they are not immediately rejected, and I’m pretty sure what I’m about to suggest is not normal, but tell me what you think (if you don’t mind).

My book opens with a journal entry from Teagan’s perspective. There will be a few journal entries throughout the book and talk about this journal because it keeps very secret & disturbing events in it. The opening entry is dated 6 months before the book starts to give you some inkling of where she’s been and what you might expect next and I was just going to leave it like that. But I started thinking it might be neat to briefly add the perspective of the enemy and some hint about their plot far before you ever know who they are in between the journal and chapter 1. It wouldn’t be long, but it would give you that great sense of doom-to-come feeling that once said doom arrives you’ll go, oh yeah I almost forgot about that! This would basically be like having 2 prologues though and one from a perspective you’ll never see again. Would something like that ever work?

Also, how do people feel about the length of chapters? I ask because I’ve read some books where chapters were only a few pages long and others where the chapters were so long they could be short stories in themselves and then there are some that jump all over the place with short and long chapters. Does it really matter? I personally don’t care, but do some readers get bothered by this shift in sizes?

Alright, I’m too antsy about finishing “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” now so I’ll end it with that. Oh yeah though, two totally unrelated side notes before I go (well not completely unrelated, but rather random).

1. My library actually had two of the books in my wishlist yesterday – which is extremely rare considering we have by far the worst selection of young adult books, not to mention the worst way of sorting. I found one of them in a section labeled “Teens” and the other in the “Middle School” section of the children’s side of the library. Anyway though, I won’t read their entirety because you know I have to own everything I read, but I am excited to read a bit of them to make sure I’ll actually like them first. Those two books are: “Hex Hall” by Rachel Hawkins and “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman.

2. I want an icon that’s book related, maybe like this beautiful pile of books one I saw someone use on Maggie’s blog. It would have been nice to use in this post. Maybe I’ll have to play around with some pictures of my own books and see if I am capable of making something cool. Everyone always has cool icons… I got nothing.

Peace – Sarah


Edited Note: I almost forgot to mention one GREAT thing concerning writing. Someone agreed to be critic partners with me and this is making me oh so motivated to get my act in gear. It also makes me super excited, nervous, and a whole bunch of other mixed emotions, but overall just happy & grateful! 😉



I wish it wasn’t over…

Returning to work today was the pits. Returning after the weekend is always hard, but returning after a four day weekend is even harder. I keep telling myself, “It’s only a four day week, it’s only a four day week,” but it’s not helping my outlook about waking at six AM all week before the weekend is finally here again. So since today was so –eh- I will relish in the memories of the last two days, in which I did mostly nothing and loved every second of it.

Sunday, unlike most people, we did not go see fireworks. I can honestly say I can’t even remember the last time I did. We heard lots of noise, but nothing could be seen from our house. We did go to Rita’s for Mango Gelati’s since it’s been steadily in the 100’s here and has no intention of cooling off anytime soon and we rented two movies (The Book of Eli & When in Rome), both of which were very good.

I also finally finished reading “Betwixt.” I liked the book a lot more the further I got into it, but it was slow for me (especially in the beginning) and the constant use of curse words seemed unnecessary and distracting. I expect a book to make me feel more intelligent by its end and I did not feel this way with this book at all. I did end up liking the characters more as their true colors started to show (well maybe not Morgan, she still seemed like a bitch even at the end to me), but I was NOT satisfied with the ending. In fact I can’t believe the book was allowed to end with such an “Oops sorry, there’s no real ending” kind of statement. I felt like I’d invested 500 pages for nothing. Now if there’s a sequel in the works I will be less mad about the ending, but still I closed the book feeling irritable.

Monday, I read… almost ALL day! I started the morning reading “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” which I finished in a couple of hours (it’s just fewer than 200 pages). As far as that book goes, well it just seemed unnecessary altogether. And if I were to write from a different characters perspective from the Twilight Series, it certainly wouldn’t have been her. Still it wasn’t a terrible read, just seemed pointless. I took a break to straighten up the house a bit and then I jumped into “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick.” I’m just going to say it now, it’s the best book I’ve read in a while and I hope I’m not jinxing myself too early by saying so. I’m 260 pages into already (there’s 500 pages total) and so far I’ve been introduced to gods, demons, vampires, zombies, and there’s even been mention of werewolves and this is all taking place in your average town in New Orleans. I love the clash of supernatural’s (my story does this too, although not the same mix ::wink wink::) And the story is oddly hilarious despite all these creepy creatures roaming around reeking havoc on New Orleans. Also, Nick, the 14 year old main character, has got one hell of a sense of humor. I’m already looking forward to reading more from this series! [NOTE to edgyauthor: The entire time I’m reading this I’m thinking, Heather will love this!]

So that’s it, my four day weekend was marvelous and I miss it already, but I’m grateful to have had it regardless. Tune in tomorrow for my 7 on the 7th post where I shamefully admit how terrible I was at achieving my goals for the month.

Peace – Sarah



Book Crazy, that’s me!

So I’m back to that addictive nature in regards to new books, adding so many to my wish list it’s starting to get out of hand. (Not to mention buying a new one once a week now, and I am by no means wealthy enough for that, but that’s a whole different issue.) There are quiet a few coming out soon that I’m ecstatic about and I feel the need to share them with you.

The Overton Window – by Glenn Beck (Release Date – June 15th)

I’m not sure how I just found out about this book yesterday considering I watch the Glenn Beck show almost everyday during dinner, but I’m ridiculously eager to read it. I know you’re thinking, wait a minute – Glenn Beck is a political commentator – and you’re right, but this book is NOT his political opinion, it’s his first thriller! It is based on an actual concept developed by Josef P. Overton, that is truly happening in our society today. I can already see this as a movie and I just know it’s guaranteed to be controversial. Here’s the preview from Amazon:

There is a powerful technique called the Overton Window that can shape our lives, our laws, and our future. It works by manipulating public perception so that ideas previously thought of as radical begin to seem acceptable over time. Move the Window and you change the debate. Change the debate and you change the country.

For Noah Gardner, a twentysomething public relations executive, it’s safe to say that political theory is the furthest thing from his mind. Smart, single, handsome, and insulated from the world’s problems by the wealth and power of his father, Noah is far more concerned about the future of his social life than the future of his country.

But all of that changes when Noah meets Molly Ross, a woman who is consumed by the knowledge that the America we know is about to be lost forever. She and her group of patriots have vowed to remember the past and fight for the future–but Noah, convinced they’re just misguided conspiracy-theorists, isn’t interested in lending his considerable skills to their cause.

And then the world changes.

An unprecedented attack on U.S. soil shakes the country to the core and puts into motion a frightening plan, decades in the making, to transform America and demonize all those who stand in the way. Amidst the chaos, many don’t know the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact–or, more important, which side to fight for.

But for Noah, the choice is clear: Exposing the plan, and revealing the conspirators behind it, is the only way to save both the woman he loves and the individual freedoms he once took for granted.

Linger – by Maggie Stiefvater (Release Date – July 20th)

Book 2 of 3 in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, Linger is sure to suck me in the same way “Shiver” did. I read “Shiver” in two days and read it again as soon as I was finished. I love Grace and Sam and look forward to seeing them together again, but I’m also looking forward to being introduced to new character Cole and seeing his interaction with Isabel. I really enjoy Maggie’s lyrical style of writing and she’s very skilled at drawing distinct voices out of her characters so reading from 4 narratives shouldn’t be a problem. I’m positive I won’t be disappointed with “Linger”. Rather than post the preview from Amazon, I’ll post Maggie’s trailer because it leaves you salivating far better than Amazon’s description.

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick – by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Release Date – May 25th)

Amazon suggested this one to me based on my purchases and after reading the description it definitely seems like something I will enjoy. And apparently this author ties all of her series together, but the order you read them isn’t always necessary. I hope to enjoy this book & author because she has plenty to entertain me with when I’m finished with this one. Here’s the preview from Amazon:

At fourteen, Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything about the world around him. Streetwise, tough and savvy, his quick sarcasm is the stuff of legends until the night when his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior who has more fighting skills than Chuck Norris, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters: immortal vampire slayers who risk everything to save humanity.

Nick quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one: a world where the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on goes out at night to stake the undead.

But before he can even learn the rules of this new world, his fellow students are turning into flesh eating zombies. And he’s next on the menu.
As if starting high school isn’t hard enough now Nick has to hide his new friends from his mom, his chainsaw from the principal, and keep the zombies and the demon Simi from eating his brains, all without getting grounded or suspended. How in the world is he supposed to do that?

LOST Encyclopedia – by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry – Foreword by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Release Date – August 16th)

I know you’re seeing this and thinking – Wow, Dork – but I don’t really care. I love LOST like no other TV show before it and I’m pretty convinced that there won’t be another one even close to the genius that was put into it for a long time to come. The writers of LOST have included so many details to the show that a lot of it gets overlooked. And as much as I have picked up on, I can’t wait to see what I’ve missed. I read another LOST themed book, written by youth ministers that focused solely on the religious undertone of the show and all of the direct links to bible verses, or stories from other religious beliefs. It amazed me. I would love to live in Damon Lindelof’s head for a day just to see the workings of such a creative mind. Here’s the preview from Amazon:

Featuring more than 400 pages and over 1500 images, the LOST Encyclopedia will be a comprehensive guide to the characters, items, locations, plotlines, relationships, and mythologies from all six seasons of the landmark series aired on ABC-TV and produced by ABC Studios. Created in full collaboration with ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios, this will be the first and only fully licensed and comprehensive reference to all things LOST, and it includes a foreword by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

The Replacement – by Brenna Yovanoff (Release Date – September 21st)

I came across Brenna’s writing on Merry Fates via Maggie Stiefvater and I could tell already that I liked her style of writing. Then I watched the trailer for her debut book on Amazon and was completely convinced I’d be a fan. I’m really looking forward to the dark element she brings to her stories and I hope this book has such a success that she writes more. There’s no text to share as a preview, but here’s the trailer:

Beautiful Darkness – by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Release Date – October 12th)

This is book 2 of 4 in The Caster Chronicles and I’m extremely stoked for it. I loved, loved, loved “Beautiful Creatures”. I loved that it was from a male perspective, I loved all of the war history tied to it, and I can not wait for book 2. I find it very fitting that it’s coming out in October, near Halloween, since it’s got quite a dark edge to it. It will be a perfect month to be in that sort of mood, although I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it. When I read series, I prefer to read them straight through and often times wait until all of the books are out before even reading them. But I couldn’t resist “Beautiful Creatures” when I read about it and so now I wait, impatiently I might add. Here’s the preview from Amazon:

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena’s family of powerful supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.

Sometimes life-ending.

Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan’s eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there’s no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town’s tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – by Stephenie Meyer (Release Date – June 5th)

I’m not actually ecstatic about this one like the others because Stephenie was very adamant about not continuing the series, possibly not even finishing “Midnight Sun”, meanwhile she was writing this novella. I hate liars and right now that’s what she feels like to me, but since I did love the saga I know I will read this. I just hope my attitude towards her right now doesn’t get in the way. Here’s the preview from Amazon:

Fans of The Twilight Saga will be enthralled by this riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the newborn vampire world she inhabits. In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of Bree and the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.

I realize now that I probably should have sorted them in release date order and maybe warned you about how long this would be, but oh well – what’s done is done. For all you out there who’ve influenced my reading choices, I hope maybe I will have influenced you a bit now too 😉

Peace – Sarah


The younger version of me looks at me now and laughs because it can’t believe how giddy I am over books as an adult. I tell my younger self how foolish it was for not knowing the joy they bring back then and my younger self stops laughing because it knows, deep down, that I’m right.