Friday, Thank God you’ve finally arrived

I took a mini break from the internet this week, but boy did I miss a lot. Both LJ and FB failed to notify me of messages/comments waiting and I am just now seeing that I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. *Good thing it’s the weekend*

All of my new books finally arrived, but apparently I can’t count because I thought I ordered 7 when in fact I really only ordered 6. Either way, I’m giddy over the nice pile they’ve created. Check out their beauty 😉

Despite my still ongoing headache I couldn’t resist the urge to start reading one. I’m in the middle of “The Overton Window” and it’s VERY good so far. I think I will read “Betwixt” next week and that “Bree Tanner” book the following since it will be close to the release of Eclipse. Not sure of the order after that and even though I have these beauties I’ve been struggling terribly with the temptation of ordering more.

In regards to the throbbing pain I’ve been experiencing all week all of my goals seemed to have been placed on hold. I couldn’t work out, I couldn’t write, and I think this week is the longest I’ve ever went without listening to music. My head couldn’t tolerate the sound. Even my own voice seemed too loud for me. Today the headache seems no where near as strong and I hope that means it’s finally finished torturing me for a little bit so I can resume my monthly goals.

Well off to play catch up with the net world. Hope everyone has a happy Friday 😉

Peace – Sarah



Headaches of the worst kind

So yesterday I was all…

Headaches so bad every sound seems too loud.
Headaches so bad your face feels bruised to the touch.
Headaches so bad your jaw’s clenched.
Headaches so bad you feel it in your shoulders.
Headaches so bad you feel sick to your stomach.
Headaches so bad your vision is blurred.

*Please go away. Please.*


That headache is, unfortunately, still present for the 6th day in a row, but it’s no where near as bad as it was yesterday. I know I need to see a doctor soon, but man I hate doctors.

In writing news, I canned a chunk of those words I’d written last week and wrote some all new stuff this weekend (4,000+ words worth). It feels good to be writing fluidly again and so far I’m really pleased with the new direction. I didn’t think it’d be so easy to start anew, but I’ve learned a lot in the last year and seeing those amateur mistakes makes it a lot easier to say goodbye to them. My dreams might tell you otherwise though. I woke up the other night almost shouting, “But it was 134,000 words and now their gone!” Apparently I was over panicked about someone stealing my book files. LOL.

Also it’s very obvious to me now that the only writing ability I had before was in the form of scripts. There was seriously an excess of direction in the first draft. I’ve realized now that I can save thousands of words by avoiding it. It’s not necessary to know every move the two of them make every day if nothing else important is taking place that day. Summarize it if need be and move on.

Well, back to writing. It feels good to feel like my book could actually be completed again in the near future…. If I just keep up the dedication to it. *Why did I ever give up living by a schedule?*

Peace – Sarah