Game of Thrones VS. Vikings


Is it just me, or is Game of Thrones pretty boring this season? I know it's just 3 episodes in and there's still plenty of time for action to go down, but so far it's hardly held my attention. I've watched the past two seasons in marathon style and I'm beginning to think that part of why I liked the show so much was because it's meant to be watched this way. On a week to week basis the episodes move too slowly for me.

But I am watching a show similar to Game of Thrones that has excellent pacing and has surprised me immensely by how great it is.


I probably shouldn't be so surprised. This is the third really great History Channel series I've gotten into (Hatfields & McCoys and The Bible series were both exquisitely done). Not only is the cinematography stellar, but the casting couldn't be more on point. Travis Fimmel in particular portrays Ragnar Lodbrok perfectly.

I've been a fan of his for a while now, but more because my favorite author (Sherrilyn Kenyon) pictured him as one of my favorite characters in her Dark-Hunter series. I'd seen him in a few things before, but really didn't think much of his acting. To say he's improved a bit for Vikings would be an understatement. I can't imagine another person in his role doing a better job.

And the plot line is constant, never weighed down with unnecessary sex scenes that do nothing to add to the story itself (which is rather common in Game of Thrones, though it's yet to happen this season luckily) or secondary plot lines that make the overall story more like a soap opera. I find myself both confused and amused by how much I'm rooting for these ruthless Vikings over the Christians (when I am in fact a Christian), but that's how well these characters have sold themselves.

If you're not watching Vikings yet, I urge you to check it out. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you might just find this more entertaining. 😉


In which I bore you with my TV preferences :)

Recently we upgraded our TV service to include DVR (the ability to record/store shows you'll miss otherwise). I always thought this seemed like an unnecessary expense, but since it was on sale and actually cheaper than the existing service we had I decided to give it a shot. I have been overly pleased with this decision as it grows more and more difficult for me to stay up as late as my favorite TV shows come on during the work-week. Now with DVR we can have mini-marathon's on the weekends to catch up. Last night was one of those marathon nights and good Lord it was filled with awesome.

First: Sons of Anarchy

Opie, my heart has ached for you since Season 1 and Season 4 has only proved to be even tougher for you. This week you got yours and I cheered for you like you can't believe! Opie is the man!

Second: The Walking Dead

Rick, you're my favorite. You'll always be my favorite. You have that wholesome good-guy charm, you're brave, you're selfless, and you're also easy on the eyes. With all that being said, half the people you bust your ass to protect – to love, don't deserve you and that includes Lori and Shane. Just saying…

Third: American Horror Story

Constance, you are the root of all evil and I love you. I love your crazy ass creepy son, Tate, too. Twisted runs deep in your blood, doesn't it? *This show has turned out so much better than I expected when I started watching it, though I'm not all that confident that it will stick around for long. Hopefully they will at least give it a proper closing.

Thank you, DVR, for allowing me to enjoy TV and still hit the sheets by my bed time. 🙂

**Now if only I could afford Showtime and HBO so I could catch up on Dexter and True Blood, too….

Peace – Sarah