Sad to see it go…

It’s definitely no longer Christmas, but my tree still shines in the living room reminding me that it just was. I have a strict policy of only keeping Christmas decorations up from the day after Thanksgiving until the day after New Years, but I couldn’t bring myself to follow my own “rules” this year.

I think it’s mainly because I failed to get my decorations up in that first week of December so I didn’t get to enjoy them as long as I would have liked. I’m just not ready to say goodbye to them yet. So I’ve decided to let them live for one more week. Hopefully by next weekend I will be ready to part ways with Christmas again until next year.

My tree isn’t the only thing I’m sad to say bye too though, my mini holiday breaks are also going to be missed terribly. I won’t have off for more than 2 days again until the end of April. This seems so incredibly far away. I didn’t even do anything of actual value during my breaks, but that’s what made them so great. Doing whatever I wanted to do. I rarely have that kind of time on my hands. Over the past week I read 4 books and started into the 5th last night and I even got some writing towards my WIP accomplished. I can’t remember the last time I had such a nice stretch of time to be used like that.

How about I just say, “See you later” instead of “Goodbye” to Christmas/New Years and all that’s associated with it? Would that be easier? I don’t know, but right now I don’t want to even think about the reality of it actually being over. I’ll wait until 6am tomorrow morning when I’m getting ready to return to work to let the actuality of it all sink in. Right now, I will read and pretend like there’s still all the time in the world to enjoy my favorite time of year.

Peace – Sarah


5 replies on “Sad to see it go…”

Christmas did seem to fly by this year. I’m not surprised at all that you’d try to hold onto it for another week!

And wow, you’ll only have 2-day breaks until April? That sucks. 🙁

I can’t believe you’ve read 4+ books this week. Short or not, that’s impressive! I wish I could be barreling through my To Read pile that quickly…

I had a FLG song listed in another post already too, but I understand the excitement when seeing something you turned someone else onto. I felt the same way when I saw Ashes Divide and Sean Hayes show up in your posts too.

My Christmas decorations are staring at me… but I don’t have the energy to put them away. :/ Haha, maybe I can just get new ornaments and make it a Valentine’s Day tree? Right?

We should invent some sort of holiday that has a legit “break” associated with it in Feb/March… let’s think on this… 🙂

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