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I had intended on posting these layouts with my “7 on the 7th” post, but I forgot to send the scans home and it ended up being a good thing. This week while writing, I realized that the original placement for Bryce and Brynn’s rooms didn’t work the way I had written them and would be better suited if I switched them. So I edited the AutoCad files this week and now I present them to you! Feel free to ask any questions about notations or things you don’t understand. (NOTE: Evie & Levi are Bryce & Brynn’s parents; Bryce & Brynn are twins for those of you who didn’t know)

WARNING: You will need to click the pictures to see them in full size. You may not be able to read the text or see the details if you don’t.

Reminder of what the exterior would look like (but remember it’s all stone, no shingles)

For those that can’t visually imagine this, here are some pictures of what the inside of a house like this might look like. Obviously my characters would decorate differently; these are just stock photos

This is what the house looks like on their property (25 acres) in an Aerial style format

These were the inspirational pictures for the trails and the driveway

And so there you have it. Before I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be an architect. Somehow I make those two things work together. Weird, I know. The visual aides are really helpful though to ensure I’m not stepping on something that wasn’t previously there. For those of you who weren’t reading my blog back when I posted Teagan’s living quarters and are interested click HERE.

Peace – Sarah