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Not really, I just felt like writing. (Why did I hear Forrest Gump saying “I just felt like running” in my head when I typed that? Maybe I am crazy?)

Anyway, even though it’s only Tuesday, this week, like the last, has been pretty unproductive so far which is bothering me, but apparently not enough to do something about it yet.

I was doing so well with all of my “To-Do” lists, knocking my small daily ones out everyday the week before last. I was seriously on a roll and feeling proud. Then last week came with a fierce migraine that lasted far too long and caused way too much pain to function properly at anything and I’ve been trying to play catch up since.

I hope to start reading “Betwixt” tomorrow and maybe finish re-writing Chapter 3 of my book as well. I would like to work out outside, but they’re calling for 100 degree weather and well, you know how little tolerance I have for the heat. Just going outside to get in my truck is suffocating.

Whatever I end up doing tomorrow, I hope I’ll be more motivated. I plan to go to bed after this which is an hour earlier than normal; maybe it will give me the added energy to find the strength to get my butt in gear again. Somehow though, regardless of how much sleep I get, I’m always still so damn tired.

Goodnight Friends.

Peace – Sarah