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I've watched a lot of TV lately.

I don't typically watch all that much TV honestly. I mean, I have a few shows I like, but typically I DVR them and watch them on the weekend. But with a lot of my "regular" shows ending or pausing for winter break recently, I found myself missing TV.

Showtime recently offered a free preview period and I decided to fill my TV void by finally catching up on shows I was seasons behind in (because I do not have Showtime), like Shameless and Californication in marathon style. Both shows, I continued to think couldn't possibly keep entertaining me, but Shameless especially has become such a favorite show it's invaded my dreams. 



With all of my Showtime shows caught up on now and the free preview period over, I've decided to finally catch up on Breaking Bad too. Strangely enough, it's another show that I keep thinking can't possibly entertain me enough to keep watching and yet it does. I love when TV proves me wrong.


The Walking Dead comes back on soon, something like 24 days. I can't wait.


Also, in addition to these "big" shows, I've become completely addicted to Property Brothers. It used to just be a thing I'd watch if I just happened to leave HGTV on, but now it's in my DVR cue too. 


When did I become such a TV junkie? At least it's not cutting into my productivity at the moment. What are all of you watching?


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As much as I love TV, I don’t find myself missing it whenever there’s a hiatus. I’m pretty much all “Yay!” when it happens, since it means I have more free time, haha. In general, I don’t watch as many shows as I used to. I just don’t have the same patience to sit down and watch them like before.

Never seen any of the shows you listed here, but that’s because I don’t have cable, haha. Breaking Bad has always intrigued me, though, since I think Bryan Cranston is a terrific actor.

As for what I watch, I seem to watch mostly sitcoms anymore. (My favorites are How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, Suburgatory, and The Neighbors.) I also adore Once Upon a Time. My two favorite new shows are Emily Owens M.D. and 666 Park Avenue–so, of course, they’ve both been cancelled already, with only 13 eps each. (ABC isn’t even going to air the last couple for 666 Park Avenue until the summer. EVIL.)

I think it’s safe to say that I’m more of a TV addict than you, even with me scaling back on the shows I watch lately! XD

I think the only sitcom I’m completely attached to anymore is The Big Bang Theory and I think it’s because I tend to want more. If I’m going to devote time to the TV, I want it to last. Sitcoms seem to die too quickly (even ones you don’t love, sorry btw that more of your new favorites are fading out) and I always worry about getting attached to them. I think also, that “big shows” typically have heavier plot lines because they have a larger, longer platform to reveal it than a sitcom. It’s a shame you don’t have cable. I wonder if your own taste would shift if you could watch some of the more popular shows.

I don’t want or need cable, so I don’t think it’s a shame at all! I already watch plenty of TV without it, haha. I don’t think my taste would shift if I had access to more “popular” shows, since I tend to not like most of the popular ones I already have access to, anyway.

One day I hope to be able to afford cable (again) and HBO and Showtime. I miss cable and I haven’t been able to follow any show except Walking Dead, but I have the feeling I won’t be able to catch the upcoming season… unless a miracle happens.

HBO and Showtime cost more than they’re worth in my opinion. Cable is expensive enough as it is. I usually just catch up on big shows during free previews or wait for the season to come out on DVD and rent it from the library. Does your library rent out DVD seasons? Might be a good way to try and say slightly up to date on shows you like, but can’t afford. šŸ™‚

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