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You may remember me making and failing to meet a resolution in 2014 to finally have some moxie and get another tattoo already? Well. I’ve finally done it. And not just one new tattoo, but two (that go together in my mind). The theme? “Take me to a world where it’s always fall and winter!”


My sister turned 30 yesterday and in preparing for how we’d celebrate last month, we decided we’d get tattoos the same way we had when she turned 18 (our first tattoos). By some sort of luck or fate, we ended up getting an appointment set up with not only the same artist who did our first tattoos, but on the exact same day 12 years later too.


Despite getting two in the same night, I’m already eager for more. I wonder if I can squeeze at least one more from my pocket before the years end? 😉


(Click through the slideshow below for pictures of the process and finished products!)