September: On Repeat

This month’s “On Repeat” just might be the strangest collection of music yet. A lot of new music from August bled into September and one of my corrupters in particular was determined to outdo the others (he succeeded, btw). Also, this month my sister can be added to the corrupters list and like last month, I’m only responsible for one of the finds in this month’s list. We’ll start with my find…

Hayley Williams of Paramore posted this on her tumblr and I instantly fell in-love. In addition to this video, they also revealed another song via soundcloud called, ”Can’t Explain” which was equally as awesome. This album comes out in October so there’s a very strong possibility that States will make next month’s “On Repeat” too!

States – “Timebomb”

The next track that got a lot of plays came from Heather (edgyauthor), but technically I’m the one who turned her onto this band; I just didn’t have this song yet. 🙂 I have GOT to get the rest of this album!

The Hush Sound – “Honey”

The following two songs came from my sister. The first of which was used for her wedding and since we had to edit the track to fit our walk down the aisle I listened to it a boatload of times. I wasn’t even sure I liked it initially, but now I’m positive I do especially with the extra meaning it will always hold. And the second song is something my sister hums and sings to herself so much when I’m around her that I found it stuck in my head before I’d ever even heard the real song.

Bibio – “Lovers’ Carvings”

(The wedding party walked in to the beginning, slower part, and then my father and sister walked in when the beat changed. It was awesome!)

Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks”

Everything from this point on is from Steve! Some are new, some leaked over from last month (sorry).

So remember how last month I posted a bunch of Chiodos songs and said that sadly they’d kicked the lead singer out of the band, but were still making music? Well if you don’t, that’s what happened. New Chiodos doesn’t exactly sound the same. In my opinion they have more mainstream feel and the mastering sounds more refined, but I like them regardless of these things. In addition to the video below, quite a few other tracks got a lot of love including: ”His Story Repeats Itself”, ”Let Us Burn One”, and ”Notes in Constellations”

Chiodos – “Hey Zeus! The Dungeon”

Maybe now you’re wondering what happened to the old Chiodos lead singer? Maybe you’re not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. He created this band which also doesn’t exactly have the same sound as old Chiodos, but it’s pretty damn great in my opinion! In addition to the embedded track ”Graveyard Dancing” also got a ton of plays!

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – “My Swagger Has a First Name”

This next artist is the former singer of two bands I love, Emarosa & Dance Gavin Dance. I really hope he returns to the latter at least, but at the moment he’s currently in rehab or some nonsense like that. (It makes me sad when talented people waste their talent on addictions) Anyway, aside from the song embedded a couple other tracks got a lot of love too like: “I’ve Been Hearing that You’re Freaky” & “Children of Divorce”

Jonny Craig – “So Many of Us Hide Our Black Hearts”

This band isn’t really new to me, I’ve known OF them for quite some time, but until Steve came along, I didn’t actually own any of their music. I still don’t own a ton, but of the stuff I’ve bought since being reintroduced to them, I’ve been very pleased. Outside of the video below I also listened to ”Sink into Me” a heck of a lot too!

Taking Back Sunday – “Catholic Knees”

This band is the kind of band you can’t hate a song by. Everything I have by them is just so easy to listen to altogether. With that being said, picking a favorite is a little difficult, but there were a couple that got more plays than others like the track shown below as well as ”His Silent Film” & ”Cars.”

Lower Definition – “If We Speak Quietly”

Okay and last but not least is Dance Gavin Dance. I realize I posted about them last month, but gosh, they have SO MANY GREAT songs that I just can’t get enough right now. The song embedded was actually the most played song this month over everything I’ve listed above, but in addition to it the following got a crazy number of plays too: ”Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex”, ”Nasa”, ”Don’t Tell Dave”, ”Powder to the People”, & ”Strawberry Swisher Pt. 2”

Dance Gavin Dance – “Reprogramming Mental Preprogramming”

That concludes September’s music “On Repeat.” Who will corrupt me next month? 😉

Peace – Sarah


January: On Repeat

I know I’ve been absent (like a lot), but I have been up to other things like writing and reading so please forgive me. I’ve also been addicted to a few tracks this month, which should be no surprise to anyone who’s been following my blog over the last year because I’m incapable of living without it and I frequently run a track into the ground until I’ve gotten my “fix.”

So, without further ado, these are the three most played songs this month so far. Yes, they are completely different from each other. Yes, my love for music is that strangely scattered. Don’t question it. I don’t.

The month started with a song that lived on repeat a lot in 2010 as well, but for some reason wormed itself back into my brain and needed to be played another 200 or so more times in the first week of 2011.

White Rabbits – “Midnight & I”

The next song to live on repeat was even a surprise to me. I used to be really into this band Mindless Self Indulgence, but it’s been a while since they’ve put out a track that I really loved. I think the last song I truly enjoyed was “Shut Me Up” and that was a few years ago now. Anyway, Jimmy Urine also records songs under the pseudo band name “The Left Rights” and finally something MSI related has won me over.

The Left Rights – “I’m on Crack”

And lastly, a band that I definitely need to find more music by showed up on my FB wall via another friend who frequently exposes me to stuff I’d never find on my own and is still on repeat from last week.

The Hush Sound – “Medicine Man”

Well, that wraps my music addictions for January. I doubt another one will sneak in there, but if it does I will be sure to let you know. Have I corrupted you into liking any of these? I sure hope so. There’s something very exciting about being a bad music influence. *snickers*

Until Next Time,

P.S. I hope to really devote some time to LJ catch up this weekend. Again, sorry for my absence.