April: On Repeat (Super Late)

Part of the reason I’m so late posting this is because there were seriously so many songs on repeat this month (April was like a music explosion month for me because edgyauthor (Heather) sent me a boatload of goodies) and I typically try to keep this list to 10 tracks. This time I’m going to keep it to 10 artists instead and post one most played track and the others that were played nearly as much as links in case you’re interested. Another reason I’m so late though, is that my work situation is robbing my energy source and by the time I get home, I’m not up for much except eating dinner and going to bed. Sorry. 🙁

Sick Puppies

For as much as I LOVE this band, it’s really hard to believe I’m just learning about them now because of Heather, but I’m ecstatic that I have now because they’ve quickly become one of my favorite bands! This month the most played track was “I Hate You” and it will most definitely be used in the next book series I write!

Other tracks played ad nauseam were: “You’re Going Down”“Cancer”“So What I lied” and “War” – two of which will be featured on my current WIP! 😉


This is a band that I can’t believe I just realized existed because the lead singer is married to the lead singer of another band (Mindless Self Indulgence) that I’ve loved for years! Regardless, finding them just now left me with lots of music to enjoy and as a result there were lots of tracks on repeat this month. Most played was “Best of Me.”

Other songs that I just couldn’t get enough of include: ”Everybody Rules””Hot Tonight” and ”Body 21” the last of which will likely be featured on my current WIP!

Finger Eleven

Again, this is another band Heather turned me onto and after receiving both of their albums for my birthday I am happy to include them in my list of favorite bands! The most played song this month was “Any Moment Now.”

Other songs that lived on repeat though were: “Paralyzer” (which I already knew, but had no idea was a Finger Eleven song) and ”Living in a Dream”.

Joshua James & the Forest Rangers

This song opened the premeire to Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (which you should know based on previous posts, I LOVE). This song is a cover of a song by Herman’s Hermits, but I just LOVE Joshua James & the Forest Rangers version so very much!

Black Light Burns

I’ve already posted a few Black Light Burns songs before because Heather’s been teasing me with their music for a couple of months now, but after receiving their album this month it’s safe to say that I LOVE them! The whole album could easily be listened to non-stop, but the most played song for me this month was “Cruel Melody.”


Kerli is just “fun” in my opinion. Poppy, with a little rock like edge and I like that! *This is another artist Heather turned me onto* The most played tracked this month was “Walking on Air.”

Another song that got mad plays was ”Strange Boy” which I’m pretty sure will make my current WIP’s playlist 😉

Puddle of Mudd

I won’t say Heather turned me onto this band because I’d definitely heard of them before, but she definitely made me pay attention to a band I’d foolishly ignored for far too many years. There are so many great songs by them (as you’ve seen me post for a few months now), but this month the most played track was “Control” which I’m pretty sure will be featured on my next book series as well as one of the other most played tracks. This band rocks, period!

Other tracks that were played LOTS: ”Basement” and ”Bottom”

Arctic Monkeys

I think if you’ve followed my blog long enough you should already know by now that Arctic Monkeys are by far my favorite band and with the release of their new album coming soon they’ve been releasing singles to tease people like me. This month’s teaser was “Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” and just like the first single from this upcoming CD, I loved it!

Three Days Grace

This is totally another band like Puddle of Mudd where I’d definitely heard of them and knew a song or two, but had not idea how much I’d love them as a whole until Heather schooled me. While I honestly love MANY of their songs, this month’s most played song was “Burn.”

The Afters

The credit for knowing this band completely goes to Heather, but finding these latest “loves” go to my Mom surprisingly. While heading to WW, we were listening to the Christen Rock XM station and a The Afters track came on that I’d never heard before, even though I have quite a bit of their music already. Turns out it was from a newer album that I didn’t have so of course I bought it that night and as a result “Say it Now” was played SO MUCH!

And ”We won’t Give Up” was played almost just as much! I think both tracks are soundtrack worthy for my current WIP!

I hope you enjoyed April’s “On Repeat” – I know I certainly did! Any guesses what might pop up in next month’s “On Repeat”? 😉 Here’s a hint of a possibility: The Beastie Boys are BACK! (Check it – EVERY person in this video is a celebrity, can you spot them all?)

Peace – Sarah


EDIT: OMG, how could I forget… this track doesn’t seem like it had THAT many plays according to my iTunes, but mainly because it’s 38+ minutes long so to replay constantly would consume the day quickly and in all honesty, I hit “replay” after the first 16 minutes several times (which iTunes doesn’t record)… Anyway, this track is absolutely going to be featured on my next big book series and has fulfilled so many scenes it’s sick. There’s no video, but it was done by an old high school friend of mine, Matty Scoll, and you need to hear his skills!

Viper Room Set

You can hear his latest track “Gasp” HERE!



March: On Repeat (Two Days Late)

It should be no surprise to anyone after last month’s post that Heather (edgyauthor) is highly responsible for this month’s songs on repeat again. Our music influence on each other kind of went wild this month. If I thought we were competing to outdo each other last month, this month was no joke. I’m not sure who wins or loses in these sorts of things really because being subjected to so much awesomeness isn’t really a bad thing, even if those songs do momentarily take over your life.

Here are the tracks that did that to me this month (in order of the most played). If Heather didn’t turn me onto it and I did somehow stumble upon it myself, a heavy explanation will accompany it. Otherwise assume most of this list is her fault 😉

Arctic Monkeys – “Brick By Brick”

When I saw this track pop up on my FB list I seriously SQUEE’d, like out loud for real. I knew there had been talk of possible new music coming from them soon (as in some time this year), but I had no idea it would be this soon. And then I found out the whole album in which this track is on will be out as early as June and I physically SQUEE’d some more. And to further excite me to the point of dizziness, I found out they are touring again – HERE – in May! I’m still trying to work out the details on whether someone will actually go with me or not since I seem to be the only person I know who loves them like I do, but I seriously don’t want to miss the opportunity to see them live again. Arctic Monkeys are absolutely one of my favorite bands. They haven’t let me down once yet and I don’t foresee them doing so anytime soon.

Kerli – “Hurt Me”

Over and over again this song played. I couldn’t stop it. It was the beat, the lyrics, the frame of mind I was in, the story I know it belongs to…. All of these things made this song burst to the top!

Puddle of Mudd – “Spin You Around”

After recently acquiring all of their albums, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this band for as long as I have. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t heard of them, I just never actually looked into them further which was a huge error on my part. While tons of their songs lived on repeat this month and even picking a favorite would be impossible, this song in particular stood out the most this month because one of my characters completely claimed it theirs and MADE me listen to it ad nauseum while they worked out scenes for me that it could relate to.

Snake River Conspiracy – “Lovesong”

A classic in its own right, but this version is so raw and awesome and well even though I only know of it because it belongs to one of Heather’s series, one of my characters has claimed it hers too, but for a reasonable explanation. What’s funny to me is that this month I also fell in love with an Adele version of this song as well. While that one didn’t get nearly as many plays (to make this post), they are both awesome in their own ways!

Black Light Burns – “I have a Need”

There will be two tracks by this band and totally because of Heather – Lord knows I’d never heard of this band prior to her, but I’m super glad she got me into them. I love this band for the way they remind me of NIN, but somehow sound like their own self too (if that makes sense).


Black Light Burns – “Lie”

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj – “Monster”

Honestly, I don’t even like Kanye (for a lot of reasons), but I found myself listening to this song a crazy amount of times this month. Maybe it was the wickedly dark side these rappers chose to roam (which isn’t all that common for them), or the clunky awesome beat. I’m not sure what it is exactly that drew me to it, but I can’t lie, it lived on repeat for a few days and may even make it on one of my horror themed WIP’s soundtracks one day.

Red – “Buried Alive”

Heather really got me into this band last month with “Death of Me” and after acquiring their CD’s this month I just fell more in love with them. This particular song is definitely Cleaphyte Soundtrack worthy!

Toro y Moi – “New Beat”

This is just one of many that came free this month via my friend Contessa through iTunes & SPIN Magazine’s Free April Playlist. You can click HERE to download them all too and you definitely should cause there were lots of awesome tracks included in the 19 song freebie 😉

So that’s it, for the most part. Honestly I could post an enormous list of songs for this month, but I’m trying to keep it at a moderate amount and so these are the top songs. Find any tunes you loved?

I already know April will be FULL of favorites. There are some that will definitely leak over from the end of March that just couldn’t make this list because they arrived so late, but they will DEFINITELY be there.

What are you guys listening to these days?

Peace – Sarah