Welcome to the Quinn Residence

I had intended on posting these layouts with my “7 on the 7th” post, but I forgot to send the scans home and it ended up being a good thing. This week while writing, I realized that the original placement for Bryce and Brynn’s rooms didn’t work the way I had written them and would be better suited if I switched them. So I edited the AutoCad files this week and now I present them to you! Feel free to ask any questions about notations or things you don’t understand. (NOTE: Evie & Levi are Bryce & Brynn’s parents; Bryce & Brynn are twins for those of you who didn’t know)

WARNING: You will need to click the pictures to see them in full size. You may not be able to read the text or see the details if you don’t.

Reminder of what the exterior would look like (but remember it’s all stone, no shingles)

For those that can’t visually imagine this, here are some pictures of what the inside of a house like this might look like. Obviously my characters would decorate differently; these are just stock photos

This is what the house looks like on their property (25 acres) in an Aerial style format

These were the inspirational pictures for the trails and the driveway

And so there you have it. Before I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be an architect. Somehow I make those two things work together. Weird, I know. The visual aides are really helpful though to ensure I’m not stepping on something that wasn’t previously there. For those of you who weren’t reading my blog back when I posted Teagan’s living quarters and are interested click HERE.

Peace – Sarah



Curse you, “Space”

All of the time I spent staring off into space this week finally had a serious repercussion, worse then just the procrastination of my story. I completely dropped the ball at work this week forgetting to schedule two final locations and they are in PA so it’s not an easy quick project to do. Those houses were scheduled to settle today and yesterday the client contacted me looking for them and I never even had them on the schedule. I have NEVER messed up a settlement; in fact I typically try to have the locations and descriptions to them a few days in advance. Disrupting a builder’s settlement schedule could potentially cost us big time!

So in an effort to still somehow provide them with the plats and legal descriptions in time for today’s noon settlement I had to pull a field guy off a job and send him up to PA, while I prepped the plans and descriptions so that as soon he returned I could just plot the points, draft the house, have them reviewed-signed-sealed, and race them out the door.

Luckily, somehow, I got all of this accomplished before 11am – just in time for the first settlement. Thank God it all worked out ok, but still I can’t believe the failure on my part. I am so anal retentive that I keep a schedule pinned right in front of my face at my desk and I update it daily to make sure I’m on top of all that needs to be done. How I overlooked two entire houses in the same community is beyond me. (Subconsciously hears Heath saying in his best Tropic Thunder impression, “It’s beyond ME,” and I laugh to make light of the situation)

As far as space and my book are concerned, as a result of my stunt in the backseat of the car yesterday I felt too uneasy all night to write again so space took over. I really hope to write something of substance this weekend though because I’m actually getting sick of space right now. It can be fun to let your mind wander, but seriously I’ve had enough at this point. It’s time to get back on track in more areas then just my book and job and in order for that to happen space needs to stop toying with me.

Peace – Sarah