25 Days of Christmas Music – Day 25 (late)

Darn it, I just missed the deadline for the 25th. Sorry. Christmas Day is so busy!

Rosie Thomas – “Why can’t it be Christmastime all Year?”

I wonder the same thing. I would love to live in a place where everything was as feel-good as Christmas is 24/7. If only such a place existed.

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you enjoyed it with your loved ones like I did. 🙂



25 Days of Christmas Music – Day 24

August Burns Red – “Carol of the Bells”

I had a different song chosen for today (back when I prepped this Christmas playlist), but leave it to  to still corrupt me musically even when I’ve set out to listen to nothing new.

I realize I already posted Carol of the Bells, but I said in that post that I’d like the song no matter what rendition it was. Clearly, this is proof of that statement since this version is so much different!

Enjoy & Merry Christmas Eve, friends! 🙂