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For I am a book buying whore. There, I said it. The urge to buy books is always present, but man it feels like I should be growing stronger against the desire, not weaker. And I am definitely weaker. I had told myself I was allowed to buy 3 books this month. Then I had told myself I could go ahead and buy Septembers books as well. And well, then I just went completely overboard.

I need help. Seriously.

So, here’s what I’ve bought….

Dark-Hunter Books

My First Manga


See, serious problem, right? I’ve already received and read 3 of those 14 books, all of which I’m fighting the urge to re-read while I wait for the others to arrive. And you know I still have 3 books to read from my book buying last month, but for some reason I can’t draw myself to them at the moment because I want all of these so bad.

::Sigh:: Seeing them all laid out like this makes it really real that I actually bought this many books this month and now I’m feeling a little guilty. Maybe that will help keep me away from going purchase crazy again for a while.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot one, but at least I didn’t buy this one. Mom did. See, she enables me.

Oh, books… hurry and get here please.

Peace – Sarah