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I've got a new addiction and while it will do lots of good for others, it might start to hurt my pocket. Still, a good deed based addiction is something I can feel better about my pocket taking a hit for than a selfish one.

I first discovered this organization through author Jackson Pearce. She was tweeting about these awesome shirts she was getting for a good cause and so I checked them out.

Sevenly features a series of new shirt designs every week, for just those seven days – never to be sold again, created exclusively for the charity they're sponsoring that week, and seven dollars of every purchase goes towards said charity. To date they've raised over 2 million dollars for charities!

For someone who likes to donate to a good cause, but has no way to find the sometimes obscure causes that need the most help, this is a perfect place to look. And, you're not just forking over your money, you're getting an awesome shirt for showing some love.

And these shirts really ARE awesome. The fabric is super soft, even after the first wash. They're tagless, but screen printed on the inside with the size, their logo, the charity you supported so you never forget, and the bible verse that they based their idea for this project on (Matthew 22:36-40). And if you're not into the cool designs they create every week, there are other simple products you can buy to support the cause, too!

For the past three weeks, I've bought a shirt and I'm definitely hooked on the product and the organization. Such a brilliant idea to encourage people to help others. So far, I've supported the following causes.


I chose this as my first because as you might remember, I studied Secondary Special Education in college and worked with autistic kids for a few years afterwards. I will always have a soft heart for special needs kids.


This one because how can you not want to help families in violent homes?


And this one because, again, soft heart for special needs kids — especially when they're without a loving family. Also, the shirt I got is the gray on in the bottom right corner. It says: CHOSEN Fearfully and Wonderfully Made which just happens to be part of one of my favorite Pslams.

It's become something I look forward to now every Monday, that moment when the campaign changes. I can't wait to see what I might support next week. You should really check them out and get involved, too!

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