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As to be expected, I’m feeling sad after finishing NO MERCY (Dark-Hunter, Book 19) (Also known as the last book in the series until February 2011). I tried to stretch it out as long as possible, but we all know how fast I blow through books now and it was impossible to pace myself to make it last.

BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS arrived yesterday and I still have THE REPLACEMENT to read this month as well, but I think it’s time I take a small break from books to work on my own.

I’m pretty sure I’ve officially made my characters angry as they’ve been visiting my dreams far more frequently than they had been with new ideas. I think they’re intimidated by my love for the Dark-Hunters. And that plot bunny that struck me this weekend about the elements didn’t help their ego. It’s time I give them some love too before I thrust myself into another story that doesn’t involve them. Hopefully some great writing will come as a result. *Fingers Crossed*

As you may have noticed I vanished from the internet world again. I really don’t understand it. I will open my email, FB, and LJ, but never look at any of them. I’m not even sure why I waste the time to open them. I just can’t stay focused online these days. So, once again I will be playing catch up, just not today because unfortunately I have other matters to tend to. ::Sigh:: (One of these days I’ll finally be back on pace.) I hope to be caught up by tomorrow – I promise I’m not ignoring you. And I’ll even have a special post tomorrow.

I’m a little crabby at the moment because I started a strict diet that does not satisfy how hungry I constantly am. I feel ravenous for food. I know it will pass as my stomach shrinks to the size it should be, but right now it’s making me crazy. Yesterday I swore I was going to eat my arm because it was 2:30pm and I was already starving, all the while knowing I couldn’t eat again until almost 6pm and even when I ate that it’d be the last thing I’d eat all day. Diets suck.

Peace – Sarah


EDIT (@11:46pm): Okay, so I ended up *catching up* tonight after all. I still have a few “famous” friends to catch up on, but I’m pretty sure I covered all I missed from the active LJ friends. If I missed it I will hit it up tomorrow when I finish the rest of what I’ve missed. I’m feeling determined at this point!