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So while I’m working hard (yes I actually am, despite checking my many open tabs on Mozilla at the same time) on my re-writes of the [secret word edited out because I’ve since realized it was crazy to reveal] Anyway, the following thoughts pop into my mind as I work.

1. My male lead and his family have no last name yet. It needs to be powerful and strong like Teagan’s, but I am at a loss for it.

2. I have no TRUE title. I mean, I have a title I use for saving purposes, but it blows.

3. I still don’t have a location. I just know it’s somewhere on the East Coast and somewhere semi cold and wet in the fall. I’m still undecided on whether I should make up a small towns name or use a real one. *Writer friends, what do you think?

4. I’ve basically rewritten history for very common supernatural creatures. How well does this go over with readers? Am I asking to be laughed at by doing this?

So as I’m diligently re-writing, these are the things that swarm around in my mind. And for writer-music related interest I’ve deiced to add my night’s playlist as I work. It’s not exactly my real book soundtrack because Lord knows the real one is 100’s of songs long, but tonight it’s what I’m bouncing to on random. 😛

1. Goodnight – La Rocca
2. Brooklyn in Burning – Head Automatica
3. Why don’t you love me – Beyonce
4. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
5. Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend
6. You’ll find a way – Santigold
7. Say Aha – Santigold
8. Plastic Tramp – Arctic Monkeys
9. The Afternoon’s Hat – Arctic Monkeys
10. These Things – She Wants Revenge
11. Right Red Hand – Arctic Monkeys
12. I Haven’t Got My Strange – Arctic Monkeys
13. Fright Lined Dining Room – Arctic Monkeys
14. Open Eyes – Sleepy Sun
15. Marina – Sleepy Sun
16. Prayer of the Refugee – Rise Against
17. Anyway You Choose To Give It – The Black Ghosts
18. Helicopter – Bloc Party
19. Lay Down – Priestess
20. Radio Song – Superbus
21. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. – Fall Of Troy
22. Teardrop – Massive Attack
23. Sleepy Son – Sleepy Sun
24. New Age – Sleepy Sun
25. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I know it’s so ridiculously random, right? Oh well. It doesn’t have to make sense yet. It just has to make me work and it is so it’s all good 😉

On a side note, while I write the History channel plays in the background (in the opposite ear of my playlist) and while even though I’m not truly paying attention to it I have picked up on interesting aspects like this: The Crystal Skulls. They suspect that there is no way they could have been created, that if we were to create such a thing now with our technology it would have nicks and cracks and be no where near the original or understandable. And they think that within those skulls lie hidden messages of the generation in which they were created.

Now think about this. If we are destroyed, our current generation, and people in the future find things such as USB drives, don’t you think they will look at it like, “What the F**k is this?” I do. I think these two things are comparable, things that we can’t even fathom because we are too intelligent sometimes. People of the past have clearly created things that even we can’t create and I can guarantee you people of the future will experience the same. They will come across things we take for granted like simple USB drives and find them pointless because they can’t fathom the meaning behind them, but in reality so much information lies within them. Shouldn’t there be a modern Rosetta stone about how to duplicate & view -or- decipher such technology? Interesting thought, right?

Ok so now I plan to take a walk at a totally inappropriate time of night (1am-ish), because you know that’s just how I roll AND it meets one of my goals for the month (working towards the 10 lbs weight loss). I love this meeting goals thing!

Much Love & Peace – Sarah