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How do you feel about it?

I ask because the book I’m currently reading (BETWIXT) has dropped the F-bomb like an uncountable amount of times in just the first 100 pages and it has surprised me. Not that I haven’t read books with the f-bomb dropped frequently before, in fact I’ve read several books in the last year like this, but each time I’ve found myself thinking this question.

And it’s not that I’m opposed to it. I mean, I’d be a total hypocrite if I were to act like I don’t drop it myself on the daily, many times throughout the day, amongst many other curse words. It’s just that when I write my book I constantly find myself trying to avoid it, trying to find other suitable words so I’m not tainting young minds with my trashy mouth. Now, I understand most teens and young adults are already speaking this way anyway and reading such dialogue only makes them relate more to the context of the story, but still, I feel like it’s my duty to not corrupt them more. Most of the time at least.

Anyway, I’d just like some perspective on this topic. It’s something that lies in the back of my mind constantly when I’m reading or writing and I’d like the general consensus on this topic if possible. So how do you feel about it as readers and writers?

Peace – Sarah