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Even though I wasn’t really going to get any new stuff this month because what I was working with was perfectly good enough I was drawn to a few tunes I overheard, which led me to check out some more and so on and so on… and well the songs below are what were purchased and/or played on repeat the most this week as a result. ENJOY!

White Rabbits – “Lionesse”
(AKA My Favorite of the bunch! The Drums, The Piano – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)

White Rabbits – “The Plot”

White Rabbits – “Kid on my Shoulders”

Phoenix – “1901”

B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams (Paramore) – “Airplanes”

The Black Keys – “Psychotic Girl”

The Black Keys – “Remember When (Side B)”

Some of the songs listed above may or may not be featured on my books soundtrack… or on another books soundtrack (which I’m trying to really hard not to think about right now).

Happy Friday!

Peace – Sarah