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I didn't listen to a lot in August. Or, rather, when I did listen to music, not much of it was new. So this month, I only have three things to share:

Hands Like Houses

I'm pretty sure I discovered this band because of Amazon, and it's a rare thing for them to suggest music I'll actually love. Luckily, I'd just happened to download their latest two albums right before my computer committed suicide at the start of the month so I spent the next two weeks waiting for it to work again listening to nothing but Hands Like Houses. Of the 22 tracks on those two albums, there were only 2 I didn't care for, which in my book is highly impressive. I'm posting my favorite track from their first album, but you should also check out my favorite track on their latest album: "Fountainhead"

Rock of Ages Rock Worship Hits

I stumbled onto this gem of an album in a search for a version of "Revelation Song" that was pleasing to my ear. Because we go to the early service at church, there's a live band and we sing contemporary songs (not those old fashioned hymnals). And this isn't the first song I've sought out after church, but this is the best set of church songs I've found to date. It's a compilation album, but the artist who contributed are unfortunately not listed. I would definitely check out more of their work if I knew their names. Anyway, if you'd like to hear some chick rock included on it too, check out "Indescribable"

O' Brother

It's not news to you that I really like this band, or it shouldn't be. I posted them several times last year and featured them in my yearly review of best bands for 2012. Anyway, their latest album dropped this month and it completely lived up to my expectations. If you've somehow managed to miss all of the other opportunities I've given you to check out this band, it's time you start questioning your life choices and rectify your mistakes by hitting play below. Such a great band.

I had been anticipating a new States album this month, as they said there'd be on the Kickstarter I backed, but they want it to be perfect and apparently it just isn't yet. I'm not mad, but I do hope it's released in September at the latest.

What are you guys listening to these days? Anything I might need to hear?