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So I’ve been sick, with what I think to be the flu, all week… wonderful, right? As a result I missed my sister’s birthday dinner, incapable of being out eating seafood and pies for 5 hours without getting sick. Being at work was a difficult enough task, but I didn’t have enough paid time off to stay home for more then one day this week. I also was not well enough to celebrate St. Patrick’s day which is possibly one of my favorite holidays being nearly 100% Irish and all so big bummer there. Heath and I were going to have drinks and then see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX… I suppose we’ll do it another day.

I’ve wanted to write all week, but being sick hasn’t really allowed for much of that. I did, however, finish reading the Book of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau which was awesome! I’m excited to see the rest of the books be made into movies. And even though I wanted to write it was nice taking a break to read. It always enhances my vocabulary and awakens my mind a bit. I added a ton of books to my birthday wish list on Amazon this week. I even added a few that I actually read growing up because they’re so cheap and I’d like to read them again and see if I still love them like I did then.

Of the writing I was able to accomplish this week, it was only the revisions to Chapter 1 and 2. In these chapters I experienced my main characters living quarters for the first time, but in my first version I didn’t bother to talk about its layout. Back when I wrote it though I went out of my way to design the apartment in AutoCAD. Why did I go to all of that trouble and then not describe it at all when it came into view? Obviously I’ve corrected that wrong and since it probably won’t hurt to share here’s the layout of my female main characters apartment. (It’s not like anyone actually reads my blog anyway, right?)

Also, it was a surprise to me, but I realized this week that sometimes I need to write without music. I almost always have music playing in at least one ear throughout the day. And while it is so very influential in my writing at times, there are moments where it’s just a complete distraction. I took a 2 day break from music this week, even at work, and the silence was awkward at first, but did allow my mind to free itself of the music that had been taking over.

I’ve also been spending a great deal of my time these days helping two particular individuals with their mental stability. Sometimes it feels heavy, but I won’t lie I enjoy it. I learned all of my lessons the hard way and it’s nice to try and help people before they have to face the hard road I walked. It does hurt to know their struggles though. I can easily get wrapped up in worrying about them, but I just pray about it and hope that what I’m doing helps.

I’m hoping for a better week next week, the weather’s been beautiful and I’d like to actually get outside and enjoy it. Maybe I’ll actually put my expensive ass camera to use for once.

Peace – Sarah