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I finally tested out the light set I got for Christmas today. I'm terribly impressed.

I've been readin Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it nd I set the lights up just like they said in the book. I also set my camera to the exact settings used in the book, which I rarely ever even change in truth. While the shoot was definitely brighter and a more natural brightness, unlike the yellowing I so often got without them, there was so much fuzz to the pictures and there shouldn't be. 

I know I'll need to keep practicing with this and eventually play with the editing side to "fix" the pictures, but I think that no matter what I learn, I will always prefer the no flash, natural daylight pictures I'm used to taking. The clarity is incomparable to this. 

In other news, I freshened up the red in my hair. Can you believe how long it is now!?

hair length