July: In Review (Super Late)

August is past its halfway point and it hadn’t even really occurred to me that I forgot to do a July: In Review post until now. Oops. Because it’s so late, I’m going to try and make this short and sweet. Ready?

Writing: I only wrote 581 words for my short story. Shameful, I know.

Reading: I read 10 books in July!  

July Books

Clicking the following titles will take you to my thoughts on each book over at Goodreads. 

Summer in the City (Carrie Diaries, Book 2) by Candace Bunshell (not pictured)
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 by Bryan O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2 by Bryan O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3 by Bryan O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4 by Bryan O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 by Bryan O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 by Bryan O’Malley
Fallen In Love (Fallen, Book 3.5) by Lauren Kate
Rapture (Fallen, Book 4) by Lauren Kate
Just for Fins (Fins, Book 3) by Tera Lynn Childs

Photography: Gideon’s walking now!

Gideon - July 2012

Gideon - July 2012

Music: I listened to a bunch of old stuff in July, but I did find these three ‘new’ things that lived on repeat.

The Shins – “The Rifle’s Spiral”

Gotye – “Easy Way Out”

Kimbra – “Warrior”

Seems a little late to ask now, but how was your July?


2 replies on “July: In Review (Super Late)”

Writing: Not shameful! Any words for a word count is a good word count, IMO! Plus, it was for a short story, and those aren’t exactly known for being lengthy. 😉

Reading: Ten books! I’m jealous. I’ve totally slacked off from reading since my read-a-thon back in June. Hopefully I can start catching up one of these days! Also, I’m really interested in checking out that Scott Pilgrim series someday. I’ve never seen the movie, but because I’m a longtime lover of comics, this series has been on my radar for a while. It looks really fun!

Photography: AWW! Gideon’s walking! Soon none of you will be able to keep up with him, he’s going to be running around so much! 😀

Music: There’s one song by The Shins that I really love (from the Scrubs soundtrack), but that’s all I’ve ever known of their music till now. It was so great to hear another awesome song by them, finally! The other songs you posted are just as great, with fun music videos to boot (especially the Gotye one)–no wonder you listened to them on repeat!

At least I finally finished that short story, though at the moment it’s all I’ll have to report for August unless I get cracking.

You read 20 books in a month a while back. I could never compete with that. Besides, some of those books were quick reads. I definitely think you’d love Scott Pilgrim (both the books and movie) — I really hope you get a chance to check them out sometime!

Gideon is fast as lightning. And he disappears to dangerous places, like up the stairs where he doesn’t know how to get back down on his own! Gates are up everywhere now it seems. Ha!

I have two Shins albums I can send you in the next music dump! They’re both really great! And I’d already intended on sending you Gotye and Kimbra’s albums. They’re not as great consistently, but they have some real winners on them that make up for it!

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