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I’m slowly recovering after what I believe to be the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. I threw up so much for so long that my face was completely swollen and the blood vessels had burst in my neck, not to mention having the shakes from dehydration and complete exhaustion from the effort that goes into throwing up that much and lack of sleep also due to said vomit.

That sounded lovely right? (Yeah, that’s sarcasm for those of you who couldn’t tell)

I’m used to being ill to the stomach, given the stomach disorders I face daily, but I’m telling you this far surpassed anything I’ve ever faced before. Basically I felt dead to the world for three days, or at least trapped in hell momentarily.

Thank God for my amazing fiancé who became ultimate caregiver considering I couldn’t even give myself a bath or move from one place to another without assistance. As we approach our 6 year anniversary this weekend, his effort these past few days has overly reminded me how lucky I was to have found him when I did.

So I have some major catching up to do, not only here but all over the net & my personal responsibilities at home. Please forgive me if it takes me a little longer to reply.

Peace – Sarah