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December is always such an awesome month for me. Heck, basically from the moment October 1st hits everything is just a building of happiness for me from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. It's almost hard to even contain, the excitement of it all. Because of the season's busy nature, though, I often feel like I don't get to enjoy the ambiance of it all really until after the big day has finally arrived. 

Obviously with it being nearly the halfway point of January, I shouldn't even still be thinking about Christmas. It's come and gone. But my tree and decorations are still up and I'm still clinging to the idea that it's still the holiday season. I'm starting to realize this year that this is getting harder and harder for me every year. The act of putting the season away. I had all these plans to at least clean and put the decorations away this weekend and work on getting the tree down by next weekend, but it seems like I did everything else I could do today so there wasn't time left for that. Some sort of internal protest. 

I hate how I felt so alive and happy just a couple weeks ago, but just the idea of officially putting all the visual representation of the season away makes me sad enough to wallow like this. To avoid it like the plague when I know it's time to finally clean up. 

You would think at 30, I'd grow less attached to the joy of Christmas, but I swear I'm more attached to it now than I was even when I was a kid when Christmas is the most magical thing in the world. 

I'm dreading this next week. I've got to make myself pack Christmas up. I've just got to. And I suspect I'll be extra sad as a result. *sigh*