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There’s a certain sense of accomplishment when you complete what you set out to do. Now of course my extended weekend is not over, but so far I’ve done everything I set out to do and it’s making me feel unusually happy and resolved.

Yesterday I actually did wake up at a decent hour and went to my parents for some pool side reading. I didn’t finish BETWIXT (I’m almost there), but I did return with a lobster-esque appearance and a freckled face, something my pale Irish skin hasn’t known in quite some time. And the pool water and silence was peaceful, although the rustling in the woods behind my parent’s house had me overly paranoid. I know it was just wildlife scurrying about, but I couldn’t stop myself from checking to be sure. It gave me some ideas though for this plot bunny I had a few months ago about being watched, but I’ve chosen NOT to entertain it until I’ve actually come to a conclusion with my current WIP. (This is the first time I’ve had this sort of restraint against plot bunnies BTW)

Since it was mine and Heath’s 6 year anniversary, we wrote each other love letters like we always do on our anniversary and then spent the evening watching “The Big Bang Theory” because that’s the kind of low key people we are. We only have 8 episode left of our several day marathon of the series. What will we do until September when Season 4 returns? (HAHA)

This morning I also woke up at 7am to meet my sister at the movie theater to finally see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in IMAX. My sister and I have VERY few things in common and rarely see each other, but this is one thing we share and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her. Also, regardless of our vast differences, she’s agreed we should read another series-to-be-made-into-a-movie together and see those in theater as well like we have with Twilight and this makes me extremely excited.

As far as Eclipse goes, this was my favorite book in the series so I hoped expected it to be my favorite movie out of the bunch and I wasn’t disappointed. Well, that’s not completely true, but overall it has been my favorite in the movie series too. My gripe mostly lies in the acting. It felt like all three of the main characters acted more awkwardly then in the previous films and to me, being more experienced now, they should be at the top of their game. And truthfully when I say this, I’m really mostly referring to Kristen Stewart. I was actually impressed with her acting ability in New Moon, but it fell short for me in Eclipse and in my opinion she shouldn’t be back tracking. Also, there were all of these extremely close encounters between Bella and Edward and Bella and Jacob, like close ups of them in each others faces and really, who does that? Who talks to each other within such close proximity? Just watching it made me feel uncomfortable because there’s no way I’d be having such conversations with my face brushing against someone else’s, it just felt unnatural. BUT the action/fighting scenes were AMAZING! No other way to put it period. Explosive, more true to the story, and CGI so flawless it looked real. It was near perfect and that’s partly what I was most looking forward to. The whole battle at the end of the movie between the newborns and the Cullen’s & Wolves was excellent. It kept me saying “Oh!” over and over again. Bravo David Slade, you brought a new element to the series with your take on dark and twisted and it was beautiful!

Anyway, more on that later when I actually write my official review for FanNook. Although who knows when that will happen considering I still haven’t even posted the content for the premier and such which happened over a week ago. (Yeah I know, I suck at web mastering) Either way, I will post a link here when it’s complete for anyone interested. (But considering my only two readers aren’t completely fans, it’s doubtful they will be interested. Oh well.)

At any rate (because I say that all of the time), I’m calling it quits for the night as I wrap the night up with those last 8 episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and then bed. Good night friends, hope all you American’s are enjoying your holiday weekend.

I might post tomorrow, but it’s likely to be about the importance of freedom which is being robbed from us by the second – which may not be the sort of thing people are interested in, but I assure you it’s the truth, either way… I understand if everyone’s not down with any sort of Independence post I make tomorrow because most American’s would rather live in denial right now than face the truth of the society we live in today as a result of our current administration. I’ll debate whether it’s worth it tomorrow morning or not and I guess I’ll hope that my two readers (one of which is American and one of which is New Zealand) will keep an open mind to my political antics. I know as a fictional writer, this isn’t typical, but it’s a truth of me – period.

Peace – Sarah